According to researchers throughout the world, growing number of retirements of highly skilled technicians are expected to generate many more job opportunities. Job contractors have reported problems finding enough workers to meet the demand for design, service, and installation of HVAC systems. Mestica academy has developed the curriculum to support the knowledge and skills needed for our graduates to be in demand for this market.

Placement process is initiated by MESTICA ACADEMY based on the following: Student’s overall design performance during the course, Student's career interest and Job Profile available within the organization. In many cases, our placement process provides to be a WIN-WIN for both, as the company gains a hands-on employee already well oriented to the organization, while the student gains a stable career. In cases, wherein the placement process does not bring placement, the students are assisted with the process of applying for recruitment to various other organization within our client network. We ensure UPDATED TECHNOLOGY and EFFICIENT TRAINING.

Placement List